Thursday, April 5, 2007

Know thyself

Okay, so I finally did it. I sent my first ever query letter to a literary agent today. I clipped the envelope to the mailbox next to my front door and waited most of the day for the postman to pick it up, because he comes at different times every day. And when he finally showed up, I nearly ran outside and snatched the letter from his hands. But I managed to contain myself and let him take the letter away to its destiny.

I'm trying to find a perfect balance of optimism and realism. The odds are that I'll get a rejection letter, that I'll get multiple rejection letters. In fact, the odds of ever getting my book published are against me. But thinking like that never benefited anybody. So I've decided that I may very well be the first author to find a literary agent with just one query letter. I may very well be the first author who is published by the first publisher who read their work. I may make history! My book may be a #1 New York Times bestseller, at the top of the charts until my second book bumps it to the #2 slot. Publishers might scramble to sign me on for a sequel (which is already written, by the way). My book may very well start a revolution, changing the way folks think about God and their relationship with Him. Folks might line up outside bookstores, hoping for me to autograph their copies of my book. It could fly off the shelves by the hundreds. Stores could have a difficult time keeping it in stock, because the demand is so high. Fan fiction sites could start popping up (that made me laugh out loud!) based on my characters.

Hey, it could happen!

No matter what happens, though, I know that I am an author. I know I'm a writer. I know who I am. And although that might be validated by seeing my work in print, my identity will not be deleted by a rejection slip. "Know thyself." I know myself. Do you?

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