Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Dandelion Giver

I always notice dandelions. They make me feel homesick sometimes. Sounds strange, I know, to get nostalgic over a lawn-ruining weed. Bear with me.

Okay, so the flowers in this picture aren't really dandelions. But they look like them to me. These little guys were growing in a huge circle around a rose bush at Ridgecrest, the location for the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. I passed these cheerful yellow flowers at least three times a day for four days. And every time they reminded me of Doug. And then I'd get homesick for him and the kids. See, the first flower Doug ever gave me was a dandelion.

I snapped this picture to remind myself about home, not what or where, but who my home really is.

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  1. The common name is Hawkweed or Hawk Eyes, I don't remember the Latin.