Thursday, June 4, 2009

Word of Knowledge

Have you ever had someone "read your mail"? I mean, have you ever been talking about someone and they said something so profound that it struck a chord in you, and you knew they were talking to you on a totally different level, addressing something more spiritual than you expected. It's like God uses their words to minister to you.
That's a spiritual gift. Some call it a word of knowledge. I experienced it again tonight. I was sharing with my home group about the writers conference I attended a few weeks ago. I told them that it was a great experience, that it was discouraging in some ways, because the publishing world is so difficult to break into, especially when you're talking about fiction. But I couldn't really share any of the discouraging experiences from the conference. The divine appointments were so much more exciting and beautiful...His goodness is always more deserving of our attention than anything else. And when you can see His goodness in even the discouraging moments, that's when you realize He is there.
One of the men in my small group turned to me and said, "Wait a minute. You started off saying it was discouraging in some ways, but everything you've told us is great." I smiled. He said, "Trust. Trust Him." Trust Him to do it, to work it out, to bring about everything that He gave me. To use the things He has placed in my heart.
Wow. I needed to hear that. And the man who said it had no idea just how much. But then again, it wasn't really him saying it anyway...he was just the messenger.

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