Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going Green Isn't Always the Greenest Thing to Do

We're fairly health-conscious. I bake my own organic bread, feed us organic whenever possible, cook healthy meals, recycle and try to use environmentally friendly products. So it just made sense to switch to compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs a couple years ago.
But after two years of trying to use CFL's exclusively, I'm done. I have no desire to continue pouring money into extremely expensive bulbs that contain mercury (my kids have knocked over lamps and broken four of them), burn out way before their advertised 25,000 hour life span (I've lost count of how many have become too dim to read by, or even worse just stopped working, after just a few months), melt and smoke and die in the fixtures (this happened three times), and take half an hour to warm up enough to see with (again, lost count). There's NO WAY that these things are more "efficient" with their current design flaws. Maybe in 10 years, after the technology has improved.
For now, it's back to the old reliable: the Edison incandescent that lasts our family an average of two years, doesn't cause toxic environmental contamination or require special cleanup procedures if it gets broken, doesn't cost a fortune, and has beautiful color.
My life is warm again. Ahh...


  1. Renee, you MUST see this post done by a precious blogger friend of mine from Florida.

    I read it today & had to link it for you. Ha! Small world...

  2. Hi, Renee. Susannah sent me over here. We just had a traumatic experience with CFLs. You can read about it on my blog. It's the post for May 2.

  3. Joe, I was reading your blog entry about this when you posted on mine. It's great to meet you, by the way. I'll follow your blog, because it looks very interesting. Thanks, Susannah, for telling me about it. :)

  4. You bet! Joe's a very smart fella, & not only that he has more than a bit of wisdom to go along w/ it. (Eh, Joe?) And a solid, dear Christian gentleman.

    Glad you two are acquainted!

  5. By the way, I found you on twitter, Susannah. I'm reneeosborne1. Are you on twitter, Joe? Are either of you on facebook?

  6. I saw that! thanks for the 'follow'! I use Twitter to 'draw traffic' & also to see who's out there, & what they're saying. It's incredible how many people do that stuff - a lot!

    I don't do Facebook - too much work - but my husband does. He keeps up w/ High School friends, & some of our college friends using it. Funny, he has gotten into several political discussions (like blog comments) & has found his 'voice.' I think he kinda digs that! ;)

    btw, where do you all go to church in W-S?

    Joe, you're not on Twitter, are you?