Monday, June 7, 2010

Robes for Rags

I'm really thankful that the Lord doesn't just leave us to our own demise. He embraces us when we're filthy and willingly trades His robes for our rags, His righteousness for our stench.
So what's the catch? He won't force us to hand them over. He simply and patiently waits, gently prompting but never forcing, until we're ready.
Why don't we hand them over more willingly? Why do we hold onto our junk when we could give it all to Him and walk in complete freedom?


  1. *ugh*
    the everlasting question...

  2. btw, Renee, I posted 2 posts this a.m. One that you may wish to see b/c of faith concerns; the other b/c it's a local story that made national news... (yikes.)