Friday, July 16, 2010

When Do You Write?

A fellow blogger and writer, Roxanne Sherwood, posted a fantastic entry about writing when you're away from the computer.
I "write" in the shower, while cleaning the kitchen, and while doing laundry. My favorite place to mentally write is in the grocery store. Be forewarned, this can sometimes trigger strange looks from fellow shoppers. When that happens, I realize (too late, of course) that I'm muttering a dialogue sequence under my breath. But you absolutely must read dialogue aloud to make sure it sounds natural and has the correct rhythm. So looking like a crazy lady is the price you pay for writing while shopping, I suppose.
The point is that you should write, even when you're not at your desk, fingers on the keyboard.
If you'd like a great list of ideas for when you can ponder your current work in progress, Roxanne provides it in her blog post, A Time to Ponder. Check it out, and you might realize you have more writing time available than you first realized.


  1. Ran over to your blog from MBT Ponderers! Thanks for visiting and for piggybacking on Roxanne's idea about pondering/prewriting before doing the whole "sit down and write" routine.
    Writing in the grocery store, huh? I already have enough trouble remembering what's on my list!

  2. Roxanne's post was very inspiring. Yes, I get strange looks sometimes, and I usually walk out of the store having forgotten something. That's the price you pay for living a busy life, I suppose.

  3. Hi, Renee! Thanks so much for mentioning my Ponderer post. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one muttering dialogue in public places. But I agree with Beth, it's hard enough to find the items on my list. I'm impressed you have the mental energy to write while shopping. BTW, I home schooled for 17 years.

  4. Oh, I have to shop with a list. And even then, I usually forget something.

  5. It is a small world, isn't it? Love your blog. And Mazie is growing and learning to play.

  6. Thanks, Pat. Would love to see more pics of Mazie. Our cat's name is Mosey. Our five-year-old daughter named her. And our awesome cat who passed away three years ago was named Milady.