Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Every Breath

While out running errands today, I found myself sitting in my car at an intersection, staring past the red traffic light at the blue sky beyond, singing along with the radio to a worship song.

It was one of those moments of reflection that I experience more frequently as my thirties wax toward the forty mark, when I realize that life is fleeting, that there's nothing I can do to recapture those seconds marked off by the beat of my heart and the breaths of my lungs. Someday I will be gone, the way of all living things, and the individual moments between now and that point in time, whenever it may be, are precious, whether I savor each one or not.

Every breath is a gift from the Lord, and those used to worship Him are never wasted. What better use for them, than to send them back to their Source on the wings of praise?

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