Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Scar Kind of Guy

There is absolutely nothing closer to the Lord's own heart than orphans and widows. Caring for the least of these is touching the very heartbeat of God. Yesterday I talked with a good friend who has a passion for adoption. She's about to embark on a journey to eastern Europe, where she and her husband will adopt not one but three children in need.

Some friends have asked her why she wants to adopt again, when she's already got a large family, including other adopted children. "Why not use that money to do something for yourself? Get some work done. A facelift and a tummy tuck. Or a boob job."

She laughed at that. "Do you think Saint Peter's going to look me over when I get to the pearly gates and say, 'Nice boob job?'"

Together, we came to the conclusion that Jesus wouldn't care the least bit about a saggy tummy. "Put your hands right here, Thomas. Feel the hole in my side. Stick your fingers into my palms." Jesus is a scar kind of guy.

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