Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was almost roadkill

I was almost hit by a car this evening. I returned my cart to the front of the grocery store while Doug buckled the kids into their carseats. And as I was crossing the road in front of the store on my way back to my car, a woman turned out in a black car and headed straight for me. I was in the middle of the road, and she didn't see me (even though I was wearing a white shirt and have really pale untanned legs that were showing below my jean shorts). I jumped, but couldn't get out of the way and, on instinct, I screamed. Very loudly. It was a freaky, almost blood-curdling scream. She swerved and stopped, missing me by maybe two feet. I shrieked "what is wrong with you?!?" because it scared me so bad. And I stepped away and was able to see in her driver side window and she waved at me as if in apology, but had her cell phone glued to her head, too busy talking on the phone to even drive without hitting pedestrians. I yelled, "get off your cell phone!" And she said "F**k you!" and sped off. I was dumbfounded. Not only had she nearly killed me, but she then cussed me. That pissed me off. Doug sped up to me, having heard me scream (as did the entire parking lot), and I told him about the crazy woman (not my original word choice, but I won't expound on the ugly language here) who nearly hit me. He looked for her. Good thing he didn't find her, because he was seething. Every turn we took as we left the parking lot and for a mile, he said, "is that her?"

It took me over a half hour to come completely off that adrenaline high. I hate that feeling. But I thanked Father that nothing happened. I wasn't hit by a car today. That woman didn't have to get off her cell phone, and Doug didn't get himself arrested for aggravated assault, threatening and cussing at a bad driver.