Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Spider Rescue (sort of...)

Tonight my kids discovered a spider in the hall and trapped it under half of a barrel o' monkeys container. My son declared that a leg was missing, and I heard my husband shout down the hall for them to grab a tissue and kill it.

Our eight-year-old daughter was all for this, but our six-year-old boy, ever the compassionate one, said, "No, don't kill it! It's already lost a leg."

Daughter said, "You heard Daddy!"

"No, it's already been through a lot."

"You can either kill it or catch it and throw it outside so it can die naturally," my husband said.

So, our daughter told little brother to go and get a tissue. She slid the tissue under the container and carried the spider to the door.

"But don't throw it!" our son said.

I'm happy to say that one seven-legged spider has been safely delivered to the freezing outdoors. I suppose hypothermia is a more humane way to go than being crushed.