Sunday, December 20, 2009

Parson Brown

My husband and I made a snowman yesterday for our two little ones, complete with a carrot nose, a flower pot hat (I thought the "Endless Summer" logo on the side of the pot was delightfully ironic), and pink toddler gloves on his stick hands. The kids found great joy in poking extra rocks and sticks into his base. He's easily the biggest, most cheerful snowman we've ever made. We were quite pleased with him, and still are, even though just one day later, he's listing to the side and has lost all of the rocks for his mouth, buttons, and one eye.

On a side note, snow balls that big are extremely heavy. And your strength fades to nothing when your husband makes you laugh while trying to lift said snow ball. After 11 years, I still love spending time with my husband. There's nobody I'd rather live my life with.

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