Monday, December 7, 2009

Prescriptions for Perfection?

I stumbled across an MSN article today that was alarming, to say the least. Executives, college students, and moms are taking drugs to enhance their performance at work, school, even at home. And we're not just talking a B-12 vitamin. We're talking amphetamines usually prescribed for ADHD and other drugs usually given only for anxiety. The article dubs it "Cosmetic Neurology." Here's a link to the article:

The article's conclusion is that "normal" is being re-defined, and that society is reconciling itself to widespread, accepted drug abuse and the need to better understand and utilize it. Am I the only person who finds this downright frightening?

It seems that our society finds it completely acceptable to eliminate the lows of life through the use (and abuse) of pharmaceuticals. This reminds me of Galatians 5:19-21, where Paul explains the works of the flesh. Sorcery or witchcraft (depending on your translation) is the second work listed in verse 20. A quick glance at the Greek (Strong's #5331) reveals that this word is not simply a reference to the deeds of witches, but is actually the word "pharmakeia," which is also translated medication/pharmacy. Was Paul familiar with the abuse of drugs? No doubt, he was, and was aware enough of their effects to liken them with black magic.

Paul juxtaposed these "works of the flesh" with the fruit of the Spirit, mentioned in verses 22-23, and clearly stated that those who practice the former shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

I'm not talking about the person who has a chemical imbalance or illness and needs a prescription to help them function normally. I'm talking about the drug-induced redefinition of what society considers normal in light of that same society's instant-gratification-driven motivations.

I don't know about you, but getting ahead at work or even at home just isn't worth the trade-off for me. God created us with limitations, and attempting to alter our bodies and minds to handle more than they're able to do naturally just seems like a bunch of hocus pocus to me. And Scripture clearly states that the consequences are eternal.


  1. Wow, this is scary. I cannot believe women are doing this. Not that I can't use a little help, but I'd rather rely on the Holy Spirit.

  2. My thoughts exactly, Carla. And thanks for posting!